When I was a kid, I longed for things with my name on them,  but there weren’t that many out there.  My mother,  in an effort to be unique,  spelled my name Kristine instead of Christine,  which is the more popular accepted spelling.  Although I now like the more unique form of what is a rather common female name,  it bothered me when I was growing up.  I longed for personalized items with my name on them,  but most items that carried my name carried the more common spelling.  Sadly,  sublimation wasn’t around when I was younger,  so I’ve had to wait until now to have my very own personalized items.  Just think of all the things I missed.

A mug with my name on it could keep others in my office from accidentally drinking my tea or hot chocolate.   A bowl that said “Kristine’s cereal”  could keep my Cheerios safe from marauding cereal thieves (should such creatures exist).  A mongrammed keychain wouldn’t help me find my keys in my purse that is always bigger than it needs to be,  but it would guarantee I’d look cool when I do the triumphant grab and display move when the keys are unearthed.

Coasters with my name on them would protect my tables and, suitably monogrammed, would also make a great hostess gift, or a shower gift for someone who is about to be married.   Luggage tags would ensure I could always find my luggage,  and are a great gift for colleagues or friends who travel a lot.   A personalized car flag will make sure that I will always find my car in a crowded parking lot and is also a great way to show support for groups or causes.

A personalized business card holder is a something I still want and is a great gift for the executive in your life, and a terrific way to celebrate a promotion or new job. A personalized award plaque is a meaningful way to recognize an employee or volunteer who has contributed a lot to the organization.   A personalized book mark is a great gift for the librarian,  teacher or reader in your life.

If my mania for personalization got out of hand,  it would be comforting to know that custom sublimated patches allow  personalization of  almost any item,  even if it isn’t suitable for sublimation.  All that’s necessary is to create a patch design with a logo, name or graphic and then have EnMart create the patches.  Once the patches are finished,  they can either be heat sealed or sewn on the item in question for instant personalization.

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