I live in a resort town.  Every Summer the town in which I live swells with tourists,  coming to enjoy our beautiful Bay,  the gorgeous scenery,  the great restaurants and the opportunities to hike and fish and swim.   As with any tourist town,  our town has a plethora of local gift shops and souvenir stands,  all selling mementos of the local attractions or just the general area.  In short, the town is a dream for someone who has a sublimation business.  There are just  so many possible ways to make a sale.

One potential sale would be t-shirts.  I’m kind of a t-shirt junkie myself and like to try and buy at least one t-shirt as a reminder when I’ve been to someplace new.   When I’m home,  I can walk into any of the local gift shops and see a huge variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts with my town’s name on them.    From cute sayings,  to pictures, to the shirts that simply have the name of the town,  souvenir shirts are always in demand.

Another potential sale would be mugs.  Whether they’re emblazoned with a famous local view,  or simply have the name of the town or attraction on them,  mugs are a memorable and useful souvenir.

Ornaments also make a good souvenir.    I’ve always thought a fun idea for those who travel a lot would be to have a travel tree instead of a Christmas tree one year.    Collecting ornaments when you travel would allow you to create a Christmas tree that would be a complete record of your travels.   Not only would your Christmas tree be full of memories,  it would also be a unique depiction of the sites you’ve seen and the places you’ve been.

Plates are a popular souvenir for a lot of people.    When I was a kid my grandmother collected spoons and plates from various places that she had traveled.  The were displayed all over her house,  and were a great record of the places she had been.

Keyrings are also a popular choice when it comes to souvenirs.    Instead of flashing the logo of your favorite car company or model,   use your key chain to remind you a favorite place you’ve been and some special memories.

Keep in mind that the items  a gift shop owner finds useful and attractive may vary by region and the theme of the store.  Also keep in mind that for a gift shop owner a big selling point for working with a local vendor is the possibility of just in time inventory delivery and the ability to quickly deliver a certain item if sales are beyond what was expected.   In these case,  sublimation may be the ideal option,  but it’s up to you to sell that option to your potential customer.

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