Yesterday I was having a mini discussion on Twitter with Erich Campbell from Black Duck Inc regarding all the awesome things that can be done with sublimation.   He ended the discussion with this plea:

We can do incredible work, all I need is the customer with vision to order it! Break the mold, people! We’ll make you stand out!

It is fun to think about all the different things that can be done with various sublimation blanks,  if you just let yourself think outside the box.   Your customers may not see the possibilities until you point them out,  but figuring out multiple uses for one type of blank gives you that many more ways to sell that sublimated product to your customer.  Since a sale is what it’s all about,  I thought it might be fun to brainstorm some different ways that the sublimation blanks EnMart sells could be used.

Let’s take our jewelry boxes for instance.  They can obviously be used to hold jewelry or other accessories, but that’s not the only option.   The jewelry boxes could be personalized with a corporate logo and given as gifts to be kept on an employee’s or customer’s desk.  They could be used to hold post it notes or paper clips or other small things that generally collect on a desk.    The boxes could also hold cigarettes or cigars, which would be perfect for a cigar bar.  A box with a baby theme could be used to hold diaper pins in a nursery or the keepsakes that a new mother treasures.   The options for a simple box are endless.

Another example of a multi-purpose item would be our metal pet tags.  These don’t have to be just for pets.  They could be used as customized zipper pulls on garments or bags.  They could be used as unique and creative curtain or blind pulls.   They could be made into personalized friendship charms for bracelets or necklaces.   The title of item may include the word pet tag, but the tags don’t have to be just for pets.

Our pet bowls are another example of an item that has the word pet in the title,  but doesn’t have to be used for pets.   The large and small pet bowls could be used to create a one of a kind serving set.  They could be personalized for candy dishes or used as a dish to hold keys or paper clips.

The ceramic tiles that EnMart sells are other item that has a lot of options for use.   One tile can be a trivet used to protect a table from hot dishes.   It could also be used to display photos or artwork on a desk.  A series of tiles can be used as  a mural or a one of a kind backsplash for a shower or sink.

The lesson here is that the labels that are put on an item don’t necessarily dictate how that item should be used.   It’s up to us as decorators to use our imaginations and help our customers discover all the wonderful things we can do for them,  if we all just take a minute to think outside the box.  If you have any out of the box ideas for one of our sublimation blanks,  please share it in the comments.

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