Earlier in the week  I asked you all what videos you would like to see us make first,  and I’m still hoping for answers to that question.   Our goal is to build up a library of video and written resources that will educate and inform our customers and help them make the most of the sublimation and ChromaBlast products.   The reality of the situation,  however,  is that we can’t cover every subject and every project,  even if we worked 24 hours a day for the rest of our lives.  For one thing,  there are simply too many subjects to cover.  For another,  we can only shoot one video at a time.   That’s why I’ve been searching the web to find some alternative sources that can help answer some of your questions.

If you’re interested in creating a tile mural,  there are a couple of tutorials that could prove very useful.  The first tutorial features  Hanes SublimationMaker 2.0.   The second tutorial covers the same subject,  but using Corel Draw.   These tutorials feature 6 x 6 tiles.

Another option for learning about sublimation and how to be successful with it is the Sawgrass webinar series.  These webinars cover everything from publicizing your business to managing color and working with Corel Draw.   You can  attend a webinar the day it is offered,  or you can view archived webinars at your own convenience.

If you have a lot of specific questions for which you need answers,  or if you’re looking for information on a particular product,  your best resource could be a forum.  EnMart participates in two that I find especially helpful.  One is T-Shirt Forums and the other is the Apparel Decorators Forum.  Both forums are populated by helpful, knowledgeable people who are always happy to give assistance and share knowledge.

The companies that make the sublimation blanks are also typically a good resource if you’re having a problem with a particular product.  EnMart is a distributor for Rowmark,  and the company provides an extensive technical help section.   If you’re having an issue sublimating a particular blank correctly,  it would be worth checking out their information.

You should also check out magazines like Awards & Engraving and Printwear for sublimation tips.   Both have offered great articles with sublimation tips in the past and I’m sure they’ll continue to do so in the future.

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