I have been told that, if I write the scripts for them,  we will have time to shoot videos this summer.  My problem now is that I’m having a bit of target confusion.   There are so many possible subjects about which I could write  that I’m having trouble choosing one on which to begin.  That’s where you come in.  Hopefully you can help me make a choice.

One area I could cover in a video would be how to get started with Sublimation or ChromaBlast.  We could go over the equipment you would need and explain why each piece is necessary.  We could give tips and hints on choosing the right equipment for your shop and we could, of course,  also explain how different printers and presses suit different needs.   This video would basically be a tutorial on setting up your shop and getting all the equipment you need to begin,  but would not give instructions on how to use the equipment or supplies that have been purchased.

Another potential video topic would be the “how-to” video.  I’ve written posts on things like how to sublimate tiles and how to sublimate shot glasses, and I’m sure there will be more of those type of posts in the future.   These videos would be a step by step demonstration of how to sublimate a particular blank that we offer.

I’m sure we could also get a video script or two out of the subject of what you can do with sublimation.   I’ve done posts on group identification through sublimation and target markets for sublimated products.    Videos on this subject could be very helpful for those who are looking to increase their customer base and market share through sublimation.

There’s a also a great video in the post our sublimation expert Tom Chambers wrote that compared ChromaBlast to other methods of garment decoration.    If you’ve been trying to choose between different methods of garment decoration,  a video on this subject could be very helpful.   Plus,  it could also help increase the awareness of ChromaBlast and why it’s a good decorating choice.

Combining embroidery and sublimation in one shop is also a fertile field for a potential video.   I wrote a basic overview for Stitches magazine on this subject,  but there’s a lot more information to be covered.   Since EnMart’s parent company, Ensign Emblem, does both embroidery and sublimation and has for some time,  we are uniquely qualified to create a video on this subject.

Obviously,  there are a lot of potential subjects we could cover in video form,  so where should I start.  What video subject would be the most helpful to you?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments section and help me make this choice.  Thanks.

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