Before I write anything else here today,  I need to make a confession.  This post was inspired by a post on the Black Duck Inc Blog.    Erich,  who writes that blog,  wrote about car flags and how they can be used for group identification, and that started me thinking about all the other sublimatable products we offer that can also be used for group identification.  At that point,  the idea for this post was born.

Since Erich mentioned car flags as a method of group identification,  I figured we would start there.  EnMart sells car flags that can be sublimated with the logo or slogan of your group.   Car flags are a great idea for any group that wants to identify themselves as they travel, but doesn’t want to do anything permanent to their vehicles.

When it comes to sublimation,  name badges are probably the first thought that jumps to mind.   A sublimated name badge is a great way to identify salespeople,  workers in a trade show booth,  or any person or group of people who need to be easily spotted within a larger group.    EnMart also sells magnet attachments for our name badges,  which means they can be secured to clothing without putting holes in the fabric.

Like car flags,  personalized license plates are a great way to identify a group that  is on the move.  EnMart offers FRP license plates which can be personalized with the name of your car club or touring company.   We also sell license plate frames.  You will most often see these used by car dealerships,  as a method of letting people know where a particular car was purchased, and identifying the driver as a customer of that dealership.

If you’re fielding a group for a Relay for Life or March of Dimes walk or some other sort of walk/run fundraiser,  sublimated water bottles are a great way to create a group identity.    They’re much nicer looking than plastic water bottles and also make a great keepsake after the event has concluded.

Finally, when it comes to group identification,  we can’t forget luggage tags or sports bag tags.  These are invaluable for tour groups or sports teams that travel.  If you have a lot of luggage or equipment that needs to be easily identifiable and easy to keep together,  these tags can be a life saver.

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