I have to confess that I completely pirated the title of this post from Sawgrass Ink.   One of the slogans they use for their education program is “Learn and Earn”  and I thought it made a great title for a post which was going to deal with education.  So, with apologies to Sawgrass,  I pirated their slogan.   I have to admit it does seem kind of appropriate,  since the educational resources to which I will be pointing you today were created by that company.

One of my goals for the future is to create a educational center here on the EnMart site.   This blog is the first part of that,  and eventually I hope it will be joined by educational and instructional PDFs, videos and perhaps even webinars.  For, the moment,  however,  I have to content myself with this blog,  and use it to point you to resources from other companies that I think could be of interest or help.   That’s what I’m doing today.

Sawgrass has a wide variety of educational tools available on their website.   One tool they offer is webinars.   For those who aren’t familiar with the term,  webinars are like seminars that you participate in using your computer.  Sawgrass offers webinars  on topics from graphics programs,  to targeting a specific market  to promoting your business.   They also offer the ability to view past webinars,  so you can take advantage of any knowledge opportunities you may have missed.

Sawgrass also offers the sublimation printing knowledge database.   This informational guide  will  take you through the entire sublimation process,  from deciding what printer to purchase,  to creating and selling your finished products.    It even includes a section that contains ideas for sublimation products.    If you’re just starting out,  this information could be quite invaluable as could the information provided by their technical support team.

If your interest lies in ChromaBlast rather than sublimation,  Sawgrass can help you out as well.   Their Digital Garment Decorating 101 will help you through the process of creating your cotton garment decoration.    They also offer technical support for their ChromaBlast products.

As I said at the beginning of this post,  part of my plan for the future is to develop resources regarding sublimation and ChromaBlast that will be hosted on our site.  For now,  however,  I wholeheartedly recommend the Sawgrass resources  I’ve mentioned above.   If you’re looking to get started with sublimation or ChromaBlast,  or need assistance with a particular problem,  the Sawgrass website offers a lot of solutions.

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