At some point everyone, whether novice or expert, will encounter a problem that stops them in their tracks until they find a solution.    When that happens  there are a couple of options.  One is to access a search engine and see if anyone else has encountered that particular problem in the past.    Another is to visit a forum and leave a post and hope someone has the necessary answer.   Some people might also  check  with  colleagues who sublimate, but that’s still gambling that one of them has either experienced a similar problem or can help figure out a solution.

We all know that the best person to go to when you need your car fixed is the person who spends the majority of his or her time under the hood, not the salesperson who sold the car.   If your sink needs repairing, you call a professional plumber, not the guy who sells sinks.   In order to eat a gourmet meal, you look to the professional chef, not the vendor who sold that chef the food.   The person who sells the item is important but they may not have much familiarity with the item they’ve just sold.   The ideal solution to this problem  would be to make purchases from companies and people who not only use the items that they sell, but who understand how these items work, and who have encountered many of the issues that the average user may encounter.   If you’re purchasing sublimation supplies, the ideal solution would be EnMart.

EnMart itself has only been in existence for a few years,  but our parent company, Ensign Emblem, has been working with sublimation since the late 1990’s.  We know the pain of working with a printer that doesn’t want to print.   Our experts have experienced the frustration of colors that just won’t match and prints that come out a different color than desired.   We’ve taken apart printers and put them back together.   We’ve dealt with clogged printers, spilled ink and transfer paper that wanted to do nothing but curl.  EnMart’s experts were once novices, figuring out the process for the first time, and we still remember how that feels.

When you purchase your sublimation printersSublijet Ink and sublimation blanks from EnMart,  you’re not just buying a product, you’re also buying our expertise.   Every sublimation product we sell is backed by our experience,  which is not just theoretical.  We use the products we sell, and we’ve most likely experienced, and a found a solution for, almost every issue you could face.

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