Since this is Earth Day, I’ve been writing posts for the EnMart blogs that touch on the environmentally friendly products that we offer.   I’m guessing some of you may be wondering how I can write about environmental friendliness or Earth Day on a blog that deals with sublimation topics,  but it is actually easier than you think.  You see, Sublijet ink is a “green ink”  or water based ink and, as such, is considered to be less harmful to the environment than a solvent based ink.

If you want to completely understand the green ink issue as it relates to Sawgrass inks, I would recommend downloading their white paper on the subject.    The subject is a bit too extensive for one blog post, but I did want to try to give you a few of the highlights that support the contention that Sawgrass sublimation ink is suitable for environmentally friendly printing.

First of all, Sawgrass uses the Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry as their guideline when determining whether a product can be declared a “green product”.   This list gives a number of ways that companies can manufacture green products.  One of the recommendations is to limit or eliminate the use of solvents.

There are no solvents in any Sawgrass sublimation ink products.  Eliminating the use of solvents has been proven to be good for the environment.  Solvents have been linked to the production of ozone and to the increase in smog production.  Smog contributes to poor air quality which can have a harmful effect on both humans and vegetation.  Some solvents have also been linked to global warming.

Many solvents are also toxic for humans.   The volatile organic compounds in solvent based inks can cause fumes which can be unhealthy for those who work with the ink.  The VOC-free nature of a water-based ink also provides a safer work environment for production employees and eliminates the need for concern about things like personal exposure limits.   Inks that are solvent free are the smarter choice both for the health of the person printing with the ink and for the Earth as a whole.

In addition to using a green ink, you can really create a eco-friendly sublimation station if you  pair your Sublijet Ink with a Ricoh GX e3300N printer. The Aficio GX e3300N Printer is Ricoh’s first printer available in the U.S. with some internal components manufactured using non-toxic, plant-based plastics.   This printer also uses less power when printing, which means you can print with near-instant readiness and zero ozone emissions.

One thought on “Eco-Friendly Sublimation Ink

  1. This is amazing that we are going to these great lengths to become more and more ecologically friendly in many ways as we become more and more aware of the damage we are doing to our environment. My only concern is that these water based inks will fade faster than the solvent based inks. Does anyone know if that is the case?


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