EnMart, in association with Sawgrass Technologies, is proud to announce the debut of ChromaBlast R Ink for the Ricoh GX e3300N printer.  ChromaBlast users can now experience economical and efficient printing offered by the Ricoh GX e3300N, which combines the speed and durability of a laser printer with the affordability and convenience of inkjet color to produce high quality, durable transfers onto cotton garments and other items.

As a valued Sawgrass dealer, Enmart has rigorously and thoroughly tested ChromaBlast R for the Ricoh GX e3300N. We are impressed with the both the system and results, and confirm that it is a great digital garment printing solution for our customers.

To mark the debut of ChromaBlast R for the Ricoh GX e3300N EnMart has created the EnMart ChromaBlastR Package. This package is available for $419.00.  Along with the Ricoh GX e3300N printer, the package also includes 1 set (CMYK cartridges) of ChromaBlast-R Ink, 1 pack of 8 ½ x 11 ChromaBlast paper, and 1 USB cable.

Please note: Orders will be shipped on a first come, first serve basis.  Anticipated shipment date is mid to late April.

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