If you own a Mac and want to sublimate using Sublijet Ink, you may encounter some issues when it comes to printer drivers profiles.  Sawgrass Ink develops a driver  for each printer for which they manufacture ink, but they tend to develop drivers that works with the Windows operating system, since that system still dominates the market.   Sawgrass does offer a variety of printer driver downloads, but if you look at the list, you’ll see that the majority are Windows specific.   Based on this list, it may seem that you’re out of luck if you use a Mac and want to sublimate, but that isn’t really the case.  There are some things you can do.

One option is to switch to Artanium Ink.   ArTainium®UV+ uses ICC profiles to manage color.  An ICC profile will work equally well with a Windows or Mac operating system.   If you do choose to use Artanium Ink and you do have a Mac, simply contact Sawgrass Technical Support for information on downloading an ICC profile.   It should also be noted that, although the Artanium Ink is not currently listed on the EnMart website, it can be purchased from EnMart.  Just contact us at 866-516-1300 to place an order.

Another option for those Mac users who would prefer to use SubliJet Ink is to purchase software that would allow you to run a Windows OS on your Mac.  One program that does this very thing is Mac OS X.    This operating system, through a program called BootCamp allows you to install Windows and run windows applications.   If you want to run the Mac OS and the Windows OS side by side, you can also opt for Parallels Desktop 5 for Mac.   Before you purchase these programs, please be aware that no one at EnMart uses Macs and so we have not actually tried these suggestions ourselves.  We have, however, been told it works and is useful for people who want to run both operating systems.

If you use a Mac and wish to print with ChromaBlast Ink, your only option would be to use one of the programs that would allow the running of a Windows OS on your Mac.  There are currently no ChromaBlast drivers for the Mac operating system.

Using a generic driver with sublimation inks is never recommended.    A generic driver will not allow you to achieve the results you want from your sublimation printing.  The Power Drivers developed by Sawgrass were created specifically for the printers for which Sawgrass has developed ink.   If you have any questions about what drivers should be used, whether there is a driver for your particular operating system, or how to install a driver, please contact Sawgrass Technical Support for the latest information.

2 thoughts on “Sublijet Ink and Macintosh Computers

  1. Bootcamp also works and it’s free. You simply Google Bootcamp and download the software.
    The only difference between Parallels and Bootcamp is that with Parallels you can switch back and forth between the Windows OS and the Mac OS. With Bootcamp you have to shut down and reboot in the other OS. It can be a hassle, but it is free.
    Another factoid, you must purchase the Windows OS to run either of these programs.


  2. Thanks for the additional information Chris. As I said in the post, no one here actually uses a Mac, so I’m passing along suggestions that we’ve been told work. It’s nice to have further information.


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