When most people think about sublimation, they probably think about garment decoration as well.  After all, sublimating a t-shirt is a relatively trouble free and cost effective way to offer your customers the garments they want with the designs they like.   If you’re already operating an embroidery or screen print shop, adding sublimation to your garment decoration arsenal makes perfect sense.

What many people don’t know is that sublimation brings with it an added bonus when it comes to increasing business.   Once you add sublimation to the services you offer, you can not only offer additional types and styles of garments, you can also offer many other personalized items that are sure to delight your customers.  Just look at some of the blanks that are available for sublimation.

Mugs – Probably everyone has at least one personalized mug in their cupboard on sitting on their desk.  Maybe it’s a picture of their cat or their child.  Perhaps the mug carries a quotation of a favorite saying.  It could be a souvenir from a recent trip.  Whatever the decoration, mugs may be one of the best selling sublimated items on the market.  Those who want to sublimate mugs will need a printer, inks, paper and blank mugs for sublimation,  and they will also need a mug press.

Mousepads – A sublimatable mousepad makes a great giveaway at a trade show or an event.  It can be a perfect advertisement for a business, since a mousepad will often stay on people’s desks for years.   A sublimated mousepad can also be a great way to introduce someone to sublimation, since they are relatively easy to sublimate and also relatively inexpensive.

Name Badges – Offering corporate logowear is all about identity.   Offering sublimated name badges is just another way to enhance that corporate identity.

Tiles – Sublimated tiles are beautiful and versatile.  One tile can be a trivet.  A series of tiles can be made into a mosaic or a table or a custom backsplash for a sink or stove.   Tiles can also be used to personalize things like jewelry boxes.

Ornaments – Personalized Christmas ornaments are a great way to commemorate a special event or person.  Ornaments can also make a great Christmas gift for companies or organizations.

There are literally thousands of sublimation blanks available,  what has been mentioned in this post is just a small sample.  To see all the sublimation blanks that EnMart offers, please visit our website.   If there is something you are looking for that you don’t see on our site, please let us know.

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