Let me start off by saying that sublimation is probably not right for every business.   Sublimation requires that you have certain equipment and software.   It requires that you have a working knowledge of some sort of graphics program if, that is, you want to create your own designs.  Creating sublimated items requires a willingness to experiment, presses and printers can vary, and you may need to spend some time deterimining which settings give you the optimum result.   Like any other discipline, sublimation requires a commitment and for that reason, it may not fit well with all businesses in the world.  It might, however, fit well with yours.   If you’re thinking about sublimation and aren’t sure if it is right for your business,  here are a few questions to consider as you make up your mind.

What do you want to sublimate?  – Do you primarily want to sublimate t-shirts?  Is your heart set on sublimating mugs or mousepads or pet tags?   There are a wide variety of sublimation blanks available, you just need to decide which ones you would prefer to offer to your customers.   The decision about which blanks you want to sublimate may also dictate which heat press and printer you choose to buy.

Can you afford to purchase a good heat press? –  All heat presses are not created equal.  Some hold a steady temperature better than others.    Some presses are designed to be big enough to accommodate a wide variety of flat goods.   There are also presses, like the Mug King Press , which are designed specifically for sublimation.   If you plan to do sublimation on a regular basis, make sure you purchase the biggest and most reliable heat press you can afford.

Do you want to make photo realistic products? –  If you want to create photo realistic products sublimation is definitely for you.  For most professional photographers the accepted standard is an 6 to 8 color Epson printer.   For many sublimators the new accepted standard is the Ricoh 7000. 

Are you at least a little savvy when it comes to graphic software?–  Many people who sell sublimation supplies recommend being at least familiar with Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.   Most of the companies that sell sublimation blanks offer templates, and EnMart offers  Hanes Sublimation Maker software, which comes with built in templates, but you still have to have a basic understanding of color and graphic management. 

If you have questions about whether sublimation is right for you,  EnMart is always happy to help.   You can always contact us, through this blog or through the other methods we offer.  We’ll be happy to work with you to create the perfect sublimation package that will meet your needs and suit your budget.

One thought on “Is Sublimation Right for You?

  1. Dye sublimation techniques are a great choice to impress your products. Even there are some cheaper alternatives, with dye sublimation the results are pretty much better as the impression becomes part of the tissue. Due to it, the imprints last longer and the colors are more vibrant


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