In mid 2009, EnMart added sublimation supplies and equipment to our product inventory.   This was a natural move for the company, since our parent company had been doing sublimation for industrial laundries since 2001.  We had the experience and the knowledge and now, with EnMart, we had the venue.  It only seemed natural that we include sublimation and ChromaBlast in our product offerings. 

When we added sublimation and ChromaBlast, our first thought was to also add sublimation information to our existing blog, EnMart EmbroideryTalk.   Although the name of the blog was EmbroideryTalk, we felt it could encompass all aspects of EnMart.  Truth be told, the blog probably could, but the more we talked about it, the more we realized we also had a lot to say about sublimation.  After a while, it just made sense to have a blog for embroidery and embroidery related topics and a blog for sublimation and sublimation related topics.   That’s when SubliStuff the blog was born.

Like the blog,  the name SubliStuff took a while to come into being.  The word sublistuff was actually coined by our resident sublimation expert.  He started using it to refer to sublimation blanks in the plural, and then to sublimation equipment and supplies in general and the name just stuck.  Say sublistuff around our offices these days and everyone will instantly know what you mean.   For us sublistuff has come to mean anything, including information, having to do with sublimation and ChromaBlast (let’s fact it, Chromastuff just doesn’t work) so when it came time to name the blog, SubliStuff seemed the logical choice.

This blog will be the place where we share our knowledge and insight into the world of sublimation and ChromaBlast.   We’ll write blog posts based on our own experiences, feature guest posts by sublimation and ChromaBlast experts and will also keep you updated on the latest news and special offers from EnMart.  Our goal is to create a complete sublimation and ChromaBlast resource and to make this blog a place that will be of benefit both to the novice and to the experienced sublimator. 

All we ask of you is that you read and that, every once in a while, you talk to us.  Leave a comment, send us an e-mail, help spread the word about a great post by mentioning on Twitter, just do something to let us know you’re out there.   As long as you keep reading, we’ll keep writing.

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